Andy Pirki

Andy and Pirki is an Indian animated series of short episodes centered of friendship between its two title characters ‘Andy’ and ‘Pirki’.

The jolly ride that the main characters take us through is fueled by the undying spirit of friendship shared between them. Andy Pirki is a symbolism of all the fun you and your best friend have and the acceptance of each other's flaws. It is a celebration of the feeling; 'that your best friend will always be there by your side', sometimes to get you into trouble and sometimes to get you out of it.


Andy is a Pink Dino. His species of Dinosaurs had gone extinct when he was a kid. It was that time when he felt a bit left out as he was not similar to others species or animals, he bumped on to Pirki. He has ever since developed a special bond with the only other misfit - the only human in their world - Pirki. His partner in crime.

The interesting part about Andy is he has ingrained some of the attributes that usually is displayed by humans. For example, Andy can display signs of fear, anxiety, greed, selfishness, being civilized and organized etc. However, this traits doesn't stop our Dino from doing the right thing. Sure he can show signs of reluctance at first, but he will do the right thing sooner or later. Here is a fun fact about the evolution of Andy. There might have been a point where the brain of Andy has evolved more than the other species of their world or even humans for that matter.

Though highly intelligent and resourceful and having an assumption that he is always in clear control, sometimes unforeseen situation messes it up when he has oodles of bad luck, bad timing, and dumbness of his best friend Pirki that can destroy even the grandest of schemes.


Pirki was separated from the human world as a little kid when a sailing trip went wrong. That is when Andy a 'Kid Dino' found him. Having no clue of his own family, Andy started taking care of Pirki as his little brother and over the time became best friends.

Pirki has undying affection towards Andy and would do anything for him. Pirki is a short, strong grown man trapped with a heart of a child. A baldy with dense eyebrows acting as a substitute for hair. Though he is a human, his brain is not fully evolved. However, his heart is in the right makes up for it.

He is a foodie and is always hungry or keeps thinking about food. A hard worker and tries his best to do the jobs assigned to him by Andy. But very often, goofs up, landing himself and Andy in trouble. He is very willing to compromise his own personal interests for others. Emotions definitely drive actions and are one of the reasons which land the duo in trouble.